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7 Pod Douglah Pepper

I’m sorry Mother Nature, but you’ve made something ugly. To my indoctrinated human eyes anyway. The 7 Pod Douglah Pepper – currently the world’s second hottest chilli – looks like a decomposing beaver’s heart. Or a poisoned, shrivelled prune the colour of old blood. Fair warning then, to the spritely souls who fancy giving this vicious brute a taste.

Other animals, on seeing a wasp daubed in vivid warning signs, give it a wide berth. Here at The World’s Hottest Chilli Pepper on the other hand, we appreciate the questionable logic of human desires, and cater heartily for those mildly deranged among us, who are drawn to that pretty wasp, and want it in a sandwich. My point is, the 7 Pod Douglah has a heat rating of between 1.2 million and 1.9 million (1,853,936 to be precise) Scoville Heat Units.

That makes the 7 Pod Douglah a little piquant, in the way that Hitler was a little naughty. If eaten whole, it can blow your ears off. Almost literally. I ate a chilli milder than a 7 Pod Douglah in Sri lanka and lost my hearing for an hour.

The heat rating of 1.9 million SHU’s means that the 7 Pod Douglah is the hottest there is, bar only the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. But several experts suspect new strains of the 7 Pod Douglah could soon overtake the Scorpion, a world record waiting in the pepper farms. So 7 Pod Douglahs are certainly for experienced fire-breathers only.

The 7 Pod Douglah, also known as 7 Pot (as one pepper is said to be enough to spice 7 pots of stew) Douglah, or Chocolate 7 Pod for the deep red-brown colour of its skin, is also one of the rarest peppers in circulation, certainly the rarest 7 Pod. 7 Pod Douglah seeds are understandably sought-after, and they’re not the easiest beasts to grow.

From Trinidad – the home of many of the world’s tastiest and most ferocious peppers – 7 Pod Douglahs are known for their full-bodied fruity flavour (if you care about such things while weeping out the effects of ingesting molten lava). Excellent fresh, powdered or pickled, scores the 7 Pod Douglah 10 / 10 for flavour.

It’s not just fire and flavour 7 Pod Douglahs brim with. They offer a bewildering array of health benefits too. 7 Pod Douglahs and other peppers stimulate the metabolism. They fight cancer. They help diabetics. They are vitamin-rich and contain immune-boosting antioxidants. They reduce cholesterol… click on the “Benefits of Peppers” header of our website for the comprehensive rundown of amazing and reassuring things they can do for us mere mortals.

So while enjoying a smidgen of 7 Pod Douglah, hiccupping like a demented person and wondering why you’re addicted to chillies’ fiery onslaught, think of all the good it’s doing you.

A final friendly warning on the kick of some of the world’s hottest chillies: you can compare eating a 7 Pod Douglah or Trinidad Moruga Scorpion to bungee-jumping blindfolded. Once you make the leap and put some in your mouth, you know you’ve got a massive and inescapable face-distorting force coming, you just don’t know exactly how soon.

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