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Big Sun Habanero

big sun habanero

Otherwise known as the Yellow Sun Habanero, the Big Sun Habanero is perhaps one of the hardest chillies for the public to get hold of. We are one of the very few US growers to make the treasured Big Sun Habanero available to you guys.

A real pepper aficionado’s pepper, the Big Sun Habanero is a favourite of chilli master-grower Jim Duffy, who was involved in the first cultivation and testing of the world‘s hottest chilli, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper (which we also stock, you lucky fire-heads).

Although the Big Sun Habanero can’t claim to blow the top off the insane-o-meter of unearthly spicy heat like the Moruga Scorpion can, the Big Sun Habanero is no shy and retiring type at the dinner table. Big Sun Habaneros have a Scoville Heat Rating of around 300,000 units, give or take. puts its clout at 325,000; South Devon Chilli Farm (a UK grower) at 350,000 for some samples.

Let’s put that into perspective. Dave’s Gourmet’s Ultimate Insanity Sauce is claimed (very wrongly) to be “The Hottest Sauce in the Universe!” “Be afraid, be very afraid”, says Dave. It was measured at around 250,000 Scoville Heat Units. The hottest Jalapeño weighs in at no more than a snivelling 5,000.

Bearing these facts in mind, you’ll see why the Big Sun Habanero will still bring a tear to the eye of the hardiest capsaicin junkie.

The super-hot Big Sun Habanero hails originally from Central Africa. Big Sun Habaneros now grown in Mexico, other patches of Central America, and on our ranch in California, but they retain the scorching exotic punch of their birthplace.

Over about a hundred days of taking in the Sun on a bushy plant, the Big Sun Habanero matures from a dark green colour to a fantastically vivid golden yellow. Big Sun Habaneros are larger than regular Habaneros, its wrinkled fiery fruits growing to 2, sometimes 3 inches long.

What makes the Big Sun Habanero such a distinguished gentleman of the chilli world is its flavour.

Big Sun Habaneros have a renowned excellent fruity flavour, bursting juicy and sunny through the heat.

The Big Sun Habanero is one of those foods that does what it says it will. Its honest bright yellow face of brilliant aesthetic vitality tells the on-looking salivating human that the Big Sun Habanero is potent and vivacious – and those are exactly the traits that jump out when you bite in.

Perhaps I’m being naïve in assuming that everyone can tell a pepper’s personality – and respect it – from looking at the outer appearance. If you’re someone who would want to cuddle a Green Mamba and wear it like a scarf because its colour is so pretty, let me politely warn you: if you take the friendly-looking Big Sun Habanero to be mild (granted, it does resemble a wrinkled, voodoo-shrunken version of a harmless bell pepper), you make that mistake at your peril.

Big Sun Habaneros and other chilli peppers are also astonishingly good for you. They stimulate the metabolism. They fight cancer. They help diabetics. They are vitamin-rich and contain immune-boosting antioxidants. They reduce cholesterol… click on the “Benefits of Peppers” header of our website for the comprehensive rundown of the amazing and reassuring things they can do for us mere mortals.

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