Bishop's Crown Pepper

Bishop's Crown PepperThe Bishop’s Crown Pepper is a great all-rounder. It tastes so good, you’ll eat enough to make your ass all rounder. No, that’s not what I meant. I meant the Bishop’s Crown Pepper has a beautiful balance of comfortable heat, gorgeous taste and some bonus traits which make it unusually good for certain culinary exploits. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Bishop’s Crown Peppers are exceptionally tangy, sweet and fruity, giving a deeply sunny pep to your dishes. The delightful taste verges on appley.

Bishop’s Crown Peppers are satisfyingly spicy too, but not super-hot like many other chilli peppers we sell. Bishop’s Crown Peppers range from 5,000 to 30,000 units on the Scoville Heat Scale. That’s about the same as a chipotle - a smoked strong Jalapeño, or Tabasco sauce. The body of the Bishop’s Crown Pepper contains little heat, the firepower being in the seeds and white pith.

Their wonderfully fruity taste makes Bishop’s Crown Peppers amazing in salsa and pickles, and you can eat them fresh or dried.

A Bishop’s Crown Pepper is so called because it’s the shape of a Catholic Bishop’s crown. Or a jester’s hat (perhaps the same thing, depending on your religious values). Or a bell with a claw on the end. Or, as a grower posting on puts it: “They look like little UFO’s. I am always bombarded with questions about this pepper”. However you see it, the Bishop’s Crown Pepper’s unusual appearance is famed, and reflected in its taste and behaviour in the kitchen. Because the flesh is thin and crisp, and not watery, crunchy Bishop’s Crown Peppers don’t go soggy when baked like many other peppers do. So they’re just the ticket for stuffing. Stick ‘em with cheese, rice or garlic mashed potato and bake these zesty beauties for ten minutes.

A variety of the species Capsicum baccatum (which also includes Peppadew and Ají Amarillo Peppers), Bishop’s Crown Peppers grow to about an inch and a half long and take 3 months to mature from a light green to orange to brilliant red. Their otherworldly Unidentified Flying Catholic fruit lushly adorn bushes 4 feet high.

Although now indigenous to South America and prized in Europe, the Bishop's Crown Pepper is thought to originally hail from Barbados, where it’s known as Peri Peri.

The Bishop's Crown Pepper’s popularity has earned it a place in kitchens all over the world, gathering local names as it goes: Christmas Bell, Balloon pepper, Bishop's Cap, Bishop's Hat, Monk's Cap, Friar's Cap , Pimenta Cambuci, Campane, Peri Peri, Ubatuba Cambuci, Aji Flor, Orchid… whatever you call it, I defy you to not to rate this chilli highly in the taste stakes.

And Bishop's Crown Peppers are brain-bogglingly good for you too. Really. Bishop’s Crown Peppers and other chillies stimulate the metabolism. They fight cancer. They help diabetics. They are vitamin-rich and contain immune-boosting antioxidants. They reduce cholesterol… click on the “Benefits of Peppers” header of our website for the comprehensive rundown of the amazing and reassuring things they can do for us mere mortals.


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