• white habanero pepper white habanero pepper
    Chili Pepper Varieties

    White Habanero

    The White Habanero is rare and famously hard to grow. Too little heat, too much heat, too wet, too dry or suboptimal...

  • morunga pepper morunga pepper
    Chili Pepper Varieties

    Trinidad Morunga Scorpion Pepper

    The Trinidad Morunga Scorpion pepper is not so much a chili as an ascetic phenomenon. In 2012 the New Mexico State University’s...

  • trinidad 7 pot primo pepper trinidad 7 pot primo pepper
    Chili Pepper Varieties

    Trinidad 7 Pot Primo

    You’re looking at this entry because you’re ready, Highlander. You know your mega-hyper-super-stupid-hot chillies peppers and are looking to melt your face...

  • scotch bonnet pepper scotch bonnet pepper
    Chili Pepper Varieties

    Scotch Bonnet

    The quirky name derives from this pepper’s resemblance to the traditional Scottish hat (or bonnet), the Tam O’ Shanter (they also look...

  • red peter pepper red peter pepper
    Chili Pepper Varieties

    Red Peter Pepper

    NOTE: Due to the Red Peter pepper’s striking appearance, most sources of information on Red Peters cheapen the originating organisation’s credibility and...

  • naga viper pepper naga viper pepper
    Chili Pepper Varieties

    Naga Viper Pepper

    Writing about the terrifying Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper, I joked about it being weaponised and used in aerial warfare. How hilarious, this...

  • marbles hot pepper marbles hot pepper
    Chili Pepper Varieties

    Marbles Hot Pepper

    When I was knee-high to an angry headmaster, I was a whizz at marbles. Lying on my belly, I could roll those...

  • 39
    Chili Pepper Varieties

    Hot Tobasco Pepper

    There are far hotter peppers around these days than the Tabasco. That may be why you’re not reading about them right now....

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